Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where I live...

As winter seems to drag on this time of year, I can't help but think why do I live here?  I could choose anywhere in the world to live and I choose this?  A few minutes pass and I get over it - and laugh at my love/hate, passive/aggressive relationship with the place I call home.  I have lived in a handful of other places over my 27 years - Boston, Colorado, Australia and various places throughout Maine.  Ultimately I chose to come back to Maine and more specific at the moment Trenton aka Trentonia, Maine.  Lucky for me, I am a Realtor whose home base is Bar Harbor, Maine.  A place that millions of people come to every year on vacation!  I love that I see the ocean everyday (something I reallllly missed when living in Colorado).  I love that Acadia National Park is in my backyard.  See - I told you love/hate relationship, but 90% love 10% non-love (maybe not hate, ouch).  I think that might be a case of Spring fever...and I also think that everyone wonders "why do I live here" at a few points throughout their lives.  As a Realtor, the best part of my job is not having to convince others why to live here - the beauty and quality of life speaks for itself.  Plus, many of my favorite things are here: family, lobsters, Acadia, the ocean, blueberries, Cleonice Bistro, skiing, lakes for swimming in...the list goes on.  On that note - the sun is coming out and it is a balmy 48 degree March Saturday - I'm grabbing the dog and going snowshoeing!  

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