Tuesday, March 24, 2009

busy busy busy!!

I am happy to say I am really busy lately! Whether this is Spring Fever or what - I am impressed with it!

I had a call on Saturday night to show one of my listings on the following morning - I called my client who was THRILLED to have a showing even with the late notice.

I've had many email inquiries from people that I hadn't heard from in months - which gives me hope! I've also been trying to contact some of my old contacts who have been just casually looking for something to buy. NOW is the greatest time to buy!

Most buyer's I'm dealing with right now are very patient, and most importantly want a deal.

I was looking through listings the other day, and seriously, some things have been on the market for 3 + years! I think these Days On Market numbers are a great bargaining tool for a buyer .

I have a feeling it will continue to pick up as the weather gets warmer.

Summer in and around Mount Desert Island is amazing - and luckily the natural beauty draws many people to the area, a bonus for the real estate industry.

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