Monday, March 9, 2009

Social networking to my advantage!

So recently I was introduced (I guess you call it that still in Virtual World), to a local business owner/boat builder on Facebook by one of my "friends" who is the boat builder's brother - this is sounding much more complicated than it is. After "meeting" John on Facebook I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself to him personally..aka real world, seeing that we both do business in the same area and (hopefully soon) will have the chance to share some clients. Hello! isn't this what "social networking" sites were intended for? I love it! Although, I admit I have also been that girl who looks at some random friend's (Facebook) or colleague's (LinkedIn) profile just for fun. All and all, from what I can see most social networking sites are worth their while and truly can present great connecting tools - that is if you have some self control...which I'm working on.

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