Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Septic Inspection??

Twice in the last month I've had buyers request septic inspections. No big deal right? Well the last two inspections I have attended have been big deals - one tank was buried down 5 feet - as opposed to the traditional 2 feet. Those people brought in their own excavator to dig down to the tank, my oh my.
Today, I attended another inspection that seemed it would be quite easy, as we could see the pipe exiting the home & I had the septic design. The septic design may have been just a tiny bit off - which caused some minor frustration to the inspector. I tried to make small talk, even the occasional joke - but after awhile there was silence. After standing out in the 35 degree brisk morning for a more than a few silent moments I finally heard the beautiful sound of the metal poke tool hitting the concrete septic tank!!!!
Soon after this the inspector was pulling the cover off the tank and getting down and dirty to inspect the interior of the tank (with flashlight and mirror!). Thankfully this particular tank was in great shape.
.....On to the next glamorous Realtor job.

Btw, I do love my job - I love that there is a different spin each and every day!!

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