Thursday, June 18, 2009

another day in paradise

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Summer in Maine - can it get any better? This shot was taken from Lamoine Beach overlooking Mount Desert Island. The views from Lamoine of MDI are some of the best in my opinion. There are some great deals on waterfront property in Lamoine also, stay tuned I should have a new listing for you to see shortly!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

gearing up for tweetup

I'll be heading to Boston tomorrow for a TweetUP, oh social media overload here I come! I can't wait! I'm hoping to learn a lot (duh i'm sure i will) and come back with a lot of great new ideas to promote my business. This is my 3rd year selling real estate (got in during a great market!? ugh!), and I'm confident that this is the year things will really take off....the power of positive thinking helps (thanks Oprah!).

Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter Queens!

Social Media, social media everywhere we look - there is an article about it, a topic about it in a company meeting, I even muttered the words at a listing presentation recently! It is a fact of life, especially in the business world - if you are not on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (to name a few), than you are old news, which translates to bad news in business.

I am so thrilled to be a young professional at this time in the techno/social media obsessed world - because it is pretty much second nature to me....who was Instant Messaging her AOL "buddies" at age 14 and keeps in very close contact with most college friends via Facebook.

Just when I think I'm on the cutting edge - my colleague and friend introduced me to the Twitter Queens group, where the motto is: Empowering women in the understanding and use of emerging social media techniques. - That's what she twittered.

It has been a blast to Tweet back and forth, not to mention the networking it creates. Next week I'll be in Boston for an ad-hoc gathering with like minded Tweeps (twitter people), discussing trends/topics of interest in regards to the real estate industry - RE BarCamp-Boston

So...follow me on Twitter: erica_bates or keep checking the blog for news!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rosé Mission!

I recently read an article in Bon Appetit magazine that inspired me to branch out and taste this interesting varietal that often gets confused w/ a cheapo White Zin that I may have loved back in high school. I am also a big fan of effervesence this time of year, so the article I referred to above really intrigued me because it focused on bubbly Rose!
I prefer a more dry than sweet style, but I'm not opposed to trying anything once. Last night I tried a delicious glass with my seared Tuna and summer green salsa (almost more of a pesto), and it paired perfectly. Directly from the menu: "A Negroamaro Rosato, Cantele 2007
-This Italian Grape Makes a Fabulous Rosé, Dry, Soft Tannins & Fresh Berry Flavors."

I'm open for any suggestions!! More of my tasting info to come...


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SOLD - 37 Skyline Pines, Bar Harbor, Maine

I was fortunate enough to work with great buyers and a great seller recently to close this sale. A gorgeous chalet style home perched atop a mountain w/ fabulous views!! I listed the home in January (such a tough time to list property in Maine, because even the prettiest properties look so COLD), and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of showings we had right off the bat - one even took place in the middle of a blizzard! I am so thrilled though, to have sold it the the new owners who truly appreciate the home as well as the area. I am equally as thrilled for my seller, who bought the home in 2005, and will be closing on a new home in Southern Maine tomorrow. Congrats to all involved!!