Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer past times...

From the ages of 16 - 20 I worked at a golf course...the best job ever, by the way! I loved greeting the regulars...knowing just the right amount of powdered creamer they liked in their coffee..or the brand of smokes they were going to buy. One of the best things was lining the golf carts up at night! I loved that!! The summer I learned to golf was great too, although at 17 I still thought golfing was for old people...and more importantly old men. Ten years (EWWW that many!?) have passed since I took my first golf lesson, and sadly I haven't done much golfing in between 17 and 27. Coming home from a wedding this weekend we drove by many a manicured course. As I was stuck in the car for 8 hours I got to thinking about my time as a "clubhouse manager" and as a smile spread across my face I decided I wanted to take up the old sport after all. So my mission this summer (between all the other things!) is to grab my clubs and go golfing a few times...maybe take a round of lessons, probably buy some overpriced yet cute golf outfit, but at least get out there to see what it is like to be a 27 year old lady golfer. FORE!

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